Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim 2 5776


Continues to discuss the overall requirement of Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim, and focuses specifically on the obligation of women for this mitzvah.  Are women obligated to relate the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim to the same degree that they have a chiyuv to eat matzah, or is it merely a chiyuv m’drabanan for them?  Also discusses the minimum that a woman is required to say in order to fulfill this Mitzvah. In addition, we examine the din of v’higadta l’vincha and how it relates to sons, daughters, and grandchildren.

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Pages 34
Published 5776
Series Pesach 5776

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מצוות סיפור יציאת מצרים - המחוייבים במצוה

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