Focuses on the concept of “Misasek”- performing an action in a manner without the intent that one is doing a forbidden action.

There are several cases for Misasek, and each is important in order to understand this vast sugya. The first case is in which one intends to perform a permitted action, but that action results in a forbidden one. For example, if one picks up a vegetable lying on the ground thinking that it was detached from the ground, when in reality it was attached. The second area included in Misasek is where one does intend to perform a forbidden action, yet in reality, he performs a different forbidden action - not the one he had intended.  We will discuss when the category of Misasek is unique to Shabbos, and how it differs from shogeg.

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Pages 54
Published 5777
Series Meleches Machsheves

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מלאכת מחשבת - פטור מתעסק

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