The next few sugyos will explore the various exemptions to the issur of Yichud.  We begin with the exemption of “Ba’alah Ba'ir" - if a woman's husband is in town.  We discuss the debate amongst the Rishonim regarding whether this is an outright exemption of the Yichud prohibition, or if this only reduces the severity of the Yichud.

We also discuss the various ways that the Rishonim and Poskim understand the reasons for this leniency - is it an instinctive sense of having her husband nearby which acts as a deterrent, or is it the real fear of being discovered by her husband since he is nearby?


In addition - does this exemption apply in these situations?

  • Going to a doctor's examination
  • If the husband has a job that he cannot leave during those hours,
  • If the man and woman are close acquaintances,  relatives, family friends, or professional acquaintances? 
  • Is this applicable for yichud with a goy?
  • What is the definition of "ba'ir - i.e. neighboring cities, distance/travel time etc.?
  •  How about if one’s wife is in town, does this give an exemption as well?

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Published 5784
Series Issur Yichud

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איסור יחוד-בעלה בעיר

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