This Yichud sugya discusses which scenarios are considered yichud. In the previous booklet, we discussed the source of this issur and who it applies to, now we will discuss the specifics as to what is considered yichud (based on the building, the area, the number of men/women, etc).

For example can one man be alone with several women (or vice versa)? Does it make a difference if there are two women – or more than two?  We also discuss some very interesting scenarios based on the layout and usage of the private rooms and common areas in a building. Each potential yichud situation has its own unique sevara, which is debated among the Poskim.

This booklet is intended to be learned over a two-week period.

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Pages 52
Published 5784
Series איסור יחוד

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איסור יחוד-היכי דמי יחוד

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