This sugya focuses on the Halacha L’maaseh aspect of Lifnei Iver.  This publication serves as a sequel to our previous sugya which can be accessed here. While the previous booklet focuses on defining the prohibition, this booklet discusses the real-life practical applications of this vast subject.

Some of the scenarios discussed:

  1. Finance/renting a facility to a Jewish-owned business that will be open on Shabbos or serve non-kosher food.
  2. Providing non-kosher food in your facility which may then be served to Jewish residents/patients.
  3. Emailing a Jewish non-religious person close to Shabbos/Yom Tov, when it is likely that he will respond on Shabbos.
  4. Owning a website that is open on Shabbos, where it is possible that Jews will purchase on Shabbos.

This sugya is vast and complex, which the halacha l'maaseh dependent very often on the detailed specifics of each case. For example, is the Jewish business the sole provider of this service/product which may be used to transgress, or can the person choose to get it elsewhere? With the world shrinking so to speak, and services/products being available on an international scale, does that change the definition of one being a "sole provider" of a service/product?

Booklet Details
Pages 127
Published 5784
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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לפני עור לא תתן מכשול-להלכה

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