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This week's sugya discusses the practice of reciting Hallel on Pesach night. The manner in which we recite Hallel on Pesach night is unique. It is the only time that we recite Hallel at night, while sitting - and it is also split into two parts (the beginning is said at the end of Magid, while the rest is said over the fourth Kos). 
Additionally, some Kehillos (Sefardim and Chasidim) have the minhag to say Hallel with a Bracha at the end of Maariv on the first two nights.  We discuss the reasons behind this unique Hallel. 
We also discuss the background as to why some recite Hallel in shul after Maariv while others do not, along with halachic ramifications to this minhag (such as one who davens in a Shul where his minhag is different than the Shul's, or whether women are also obligated to say Hallel before the Seder).

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Pages 51
Published 5784
Series Pesach 5784

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הלל בליל פסח

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