Although women are normally exempt from Mitzvos that are time-sensitive, they are nevertheless obligated in Krias Hamegillah.  On the surface, it would seem that the obligation of women is identical to that of men; however, there are some Rishonim who hold that it is not.  While the obligation for men is to read the Megillah (and the Ba'al Koreh is motzee the tzibur), it may be that women are only obligated to hear the Megillah being read. 
This has direct practical implications - for example:
  • Can a woman be motzee a man if her chiyuv is different from his?  
  • When a woman reads the Megillah or if a man is reading for women only, do they change the nusach of the Bracha to say "Lishmoah Megilah" instead of "Al Mikroh Megillah"?  
We discuss the various reasons amongst the Acharonim as to why a woman’s obligation may be different than that of a man.
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Pages 42
Published 5784
Series Purim 5784

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חיוב נשים במקרא מגילה

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