After discussing the concept of Safek Brachos Le’hakel, we will now focus on the source of the issur of Bracha She’eina Tzricha. We discuss various shitos in the Rishonim if this issur falls under Lo Sisa Es Shem Hashem mentioned in the Aseres Hadibros, or if it is an Asmachta.  In the case of Brachos, when Hashem’s name is mentioned when one recites a Bracha by mistake, the Acharonim debate whether or not it is considered to have been recited in vain, as one is still praising Hashem for his creations (or in the case of Birkas Hamitzvos - thanking Him for the mitzvah of ….).
We also dedicate a special section that addresses the takana of saying “Baruch Shem K’vod Malchuso” if one recited a Bracha that was not needed.  Does this “reverse” the mistake, and the Bracha is no longer l’vatala, or is it a way to proclaim Hashem’s kavod after it was inadvertently desecrated. We discuss various ramifications to this chakira.  Also discussed is the minhag of b’nei Ashkenaz to recite “Baruch Shem” after the Bracha of Tefillin Shel Rosh.

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Pages 46
Published 5784
Series Brochos 5784

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ברכת הנהנין-איסור שאינה צריכה והזכרת שם שמים לבטלה

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