This Sugya continues to discuss Birkas Hanehenin. The past two sugyos covered the issur of partaking in wordly pleasures without a Bracha, and also if there is a shiur to this hana’ah.  This week we discuss the parameters of hana’ah.  

  • If one simply “tastes” food without swallowing, must he recite a Bracha? This leads to the discussion of tasting food while cooking on a Ta’anis.    
  • What about consuming food/drink for medical purposes?
  • We also discuss the concept of reciting a Birkas Hanehenin on a Kos Shel Bracha (Kiddush, Birkas Hamazon, Chupah, Bris Milah etc.) even though its purpose is not for pleasure.
  • If one recites a Bracha and begins to eat, but speaks before swallowing, is that considered a hefsek, or does the pleasure of tasting suffice?
  •  We also discuss the status of chewing gum, smoking tobacco, and whether electronic cigarettes have a different status.


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ברכת הנהנין-מטעמת-האם טעונה ברכה

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