This sugya discusses the concept of shiur as it pertains to Birkas Haneninin.  It is interesting to note that, as we learned last week, Birchas Hamazon is D’oraisa and Birkas Hanehenin is D’rabanan – yet, the shiur for Birkas Hamazon is much greater (i.e. one needs to be satiated) than the shiur for Birkas Hanehenin.   We discuss the reasons for this difference and if one should still be machmir in the shiur for Birkas Hanehenin.  This has ramifications regarding when one can speak after reciting a bracha and eating – does he need to finish a kzayis?  It also pertains to the Matzoh that we eat at the Pesach seder – do we need to eat two k'zaysim – one for the mitzvah of Matzoh and one for the bracha of Hamotzi?  

We also discuss the shiur achila as it pertains to Bracha Acharona, and whether "beriya" (a whole being) is different as it pertains to Bracha Achronal?  Is one obligated to make a Bracha Achrona if the beriya is not the shiur of kz'ayis? For example, if one eats a pomegranate seed, would he be obligated?  Is this true only for the Shivas Haminim ?  We discuss the advice of the poskim to refrain from eating a beriya that is less than the shiur in order to avoid this issue. We also included a l’halacha section that brings down the various halachic scenarios. 

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Pages 56
Published 5784
Series Brachos 5784

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ברכת הנהנין-שיעור אכילה

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