This series focuses on the Brachos we recite on Hana'ah (food, smell, wine, good news, Hoda'ah, Hagomel etc.). Specifically, we will focus on the many Halachos of Brachos found in the second chelek of Mishna Berurah.  We will also discuss the distinction between Hamotzi and Mezonos - and the halachic ramifications (i.e. pizza, Mezonos bread, etc.)


This sugya serves as an introduction to this series.  We begin with understanding the essence of Birkas Hanhenin and the various opinions as to the reasons behind this chiyuv.  We begin with the Gemara that compares eating without a Bracha to stealing from Hashem - is it actually stealing? This leads to the question - if one does not recite a Bracha, is he refraining from a "Mitzvah" or is he transgressing an issur - and what are the halachic ramifications based on this distinction?  


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Published 5784
Series Brochos 5784

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עניני ברכות-ברכות הנהנין

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