This sugya focuses on the specific halachic parameters of a Minyan and one's participation in a Minyan.

  • Does one need to begin his Tefilla simultaneously with the tzibur? 
  • Is answering Amen, Borchu, or Kedusha more important than Tefilla b'tzibur?
  • How about davening along with the Chazan? 
  • If only six people are davening and 4 are listening, does that constitute a Minyan? 
  • When should one skip parts of Pesukei D'zimrah in order to achieve Tefilla b'tzibur? 
  • Are there any exemptions from davening b'tzibur? 
  • What if davening b'tzibur means missing zman Tefilla? 
  • Does davening Vasikin take precedence over davening b'tzibur?
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Pages 90
Published 5784
Series Tefilllah

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תפילה בציבור-ב

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