This Sugya discusses davening with a Minyan and the source for this chiyuv.  Is it obligatory or just meritorious - and how much should one exert himself in order to daven with a Minyan?  We discuss the parameters of this obligation - for example;
  •  Does it mean that one must daven in total unison with the tzibur?  
  • What if the tzibur is davening a different Tefilah, such as Ma'ariv and one needs to daven Mincha?
  • How about davening Shacharis while the tzibur is in the middle of Musaf ? (Included is an exchange between Rav Moshe Soloveitchik and his father Rav Chaim when the former was in such a situation.)
  • Also, is there a benefit to davening in a shul, even when there is no minyan? 
  • If one must daven b'yechidus, is there a benefit to timing his Tefillah to coincide with the time that his Shul is Davening?
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Pages 80
Published 5784
Series Tefillah

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'תפילה בציבור א

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