This sugya continues to explore the concept of Tashlumin.   While the previous sugya focused on understanding the “concept” of Tashlumin, this sugya delves into the specifics of how one “makes up" for a missed Tefillah, even more so when the new Tefillah may differ from the original missed Tefillah. 

For example, we discuss the scenario of making up a missed Friday Mincha with a Shabbos Maariv Shemone Esreh.  We also discuss the Halacha when one forgets to recite a “portion” of davening (i.e. Yaaleh V’yavo, V’Sein Tal U’matar, etc.), even when the “make-up” Tefilla does not include that missed portion.  For example, one forgets to say V’sein Tal U’Matar during Friday Mincha, and davens a second Shabbos Maariv as Tashlumin, in which V’Sein Tal U’Matar is not recited anyway.  

In addition, we learn about which Tefillos cannot be made up, and the reasons why; and why one must daven the current Tefilla as Tashlumin instead of the missed Tefillah. 

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Pages 48
Published 5784
Series Mitzvas Tefillah

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מצות תפילה-תפילת תשלומין ב

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