This sugya discusses the Halachic principle of “Tashlumin, allowing one to “make up” a missed Tefilla. For example, if a person was unable to daven Shacharis, he recites an extra Shemone Esrei at Mincha to make up for the missed Tefilla. We discuss the reason why the concept of Tashlumin exists solely for the mitzvah of Tefilla - whereas, with any other Mitzvah, the opportunity to perform the Mitzvah is forfeited once the designated time has passed. We discuss at length the actual characterization of that extra Tefilla - is it considered a “redo” of the missed Tefilla or rather a brand new Tefilla - and the resultant Halachic ramifications of this distinction.  

We also discuss various practical Halachic ramifications of a “make-up tefilla” - for example, can one eat before the extra Tefilla, does one need to recite it immediately after the regular Tefilla or can there be a break between them, what happens if one davens the tashlumin first, and what if someone intentionally missed a Tefilla.

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Pages 45
Published 5784
Series Tefillah

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מצות תפילה - תפילת תשלומין א

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