This sugya of Talmud Torah begins with the obligation upon every father to teach Torah to his son.
  • Does the Mitzvah require that the father actually learn with his son, or does it simply mean that he must ensure that his son will learn? 
  • Is hiring a melamed or sending to school included in this Mitzvah?  
  • What takes precedence - the father's obligation to learn Torah, or his obligation to teach to his son?
  • Can a school force a parent to pay tuition (as we do for all Mitzvos Aseh)?
  • Which portions of Torah learning are included in this obligation? 
  • Does it just include Chumash (i.e. elementary school education), or Mishna and Gemara as well (Mesivta, Bais Medrash, etc.)?
  • Why is Nach not included in many of our schools' curriculums?
  • Are one's grandchildren included in this obligation?
  • What is the difference between the community's responsibility to ensure that every child receives an education and the individual parent's obligation?
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Published 5783

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חיוב תלמוד תורה לאב על בנו

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