In this kuntress, we discuss the obligation of Simcha on Yom Tov.

In the times of the Bais Hamikdosh, this mitzvah was fulfilled by Aliyah L'Regel, bringing a korban and enjoying its meat with one's family.  What if one could not partake of a korban - was he able to fulfill his obligation of Simcha with regular meat? What about today when we don't have a Bais Hamikdosh - is one yotzei with regular meat? Can one be yotzei with wine? What about poultry? Or can one be yotzei the chiyuv with whatever makes him happy (i.e. delicacies, expensive clothing, jewelry)? This sugya is even more relevant to Shavuos with regard to the minhag in various communities to eat a dairy Seudah.

This kuntress includes a detailed overview of the various korbanos that were brought over Yom Tov during Aliyah L'Regel. Also included is a fascinating discussion in learning between Rav Shach and the Chazon Ish

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Pages 58
Published 5783
Series Simchas Yom Tov

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מצות שמחת יום טוב

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