At the end of Parshas Emor, the Torah sets aside a whole discussion about damages caused by a person (Adam Hamazik). This may seem out of place, as Inyanei Nezikin are discussed at length in Parshas Mishpatim. However, Parshas Mishpatim is different in that it deals with damages caused by one's possessions/property (i.e Shor, Bor, etc) - Mamon She'hizik.

We discuss if Adam Hamazik has different parameters and halachic ramifications than Mamon Shehizik. We discuss the halachic differences between damages caused to a Akum vs damages caused to a Yisroel - including whether the damage was accidental and whether one is required to notify the property owner, etc.

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Pages 42
Published 5783
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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אדם המזיק עכו''ם

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