Discusses the Halacha of referencing one's parent (or Rav) by their first name. We discuss the source for this Issur, and the multiple and varied Halachic distinctions that exist.

  • What if one adds an honorary title to their parent's/Rav's name?
  • Is there a Halachic difference if one is talking directly to a parent, or just referencing his name?
  • What about someone who has the same name as his parent?
  • What if the parent permits?
  • Davening for a sick parent using his name.
  • Calling one's father up for an Aliyah.
  • Does this Halacha apply to grandparents as well?

This sugya is relevant to Parshas Vayechi, as Yaakov references his father's and grandfather's names. (This brings us to the famous discussion as to whether the Avos had the status of a Ben Noach.)

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Pages 55
Published 5783
Series V'yavinu B'Mikra

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דיני הזכרת שם אביו ואמו

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