This Sugya will focus on the concept of Zrizin Makdimin L'Mitzvos - performing a mitzvah as soon as the opportunity arrives. The source for this obligation is derived from a Pasuk in Parshas Vayera where the Torah relates how Avraham rose early in the morning to fulfill the commandment of Hashem.

We discuss whether Zrizin Makdimin is an actual obligation or merely a hiddur.  Also discussed are the various interpretations of this Halacha and its ramifications - whether other considerations pertaining to the mitzvah take precedence over or conflict with this chiyuv.  Examples include:  postponing Kiddush Levana to later in the month in order to be Mekadesh a fuller moon, pushing off a Bris Milah to obtain a specific Mohel, spending significant time to prepare one's Kavanos before performing an actual Mitzvah, etc.
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Pages 67
Published 5783
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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זריזין מקדימין למצוות

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