Focuses on the Mitzvah of Milah which was given to Avraham - and was commanded to his descendants as well. Specifically, we discuss the commandment of Milah as it applies to Avraham's "other" children - the children of Keturah and Yishmael. These children of Avraham are unique from the other nations of the world, as they may be obligated in Bris Milah - but there are differing opinions in the Rishonim regarding who amongst them is obligated. As these "Bnei Avraham" are most definitely a "Miyut" (minority) amongst the gentile population, the question arises as to whether the concept of "Rov" (majority) applies to non-Jews as well.

We then follow with a lengthy discussion as to how the Halacha of "Rov" (majority) can affect Bnei Noach, and our interaction with them. This has many ramifications today's world - Eiver Min Hachai, Bittul B'Rov, Yerusha, Lifnei Iver, etc.

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Pages 57
Published 5783
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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מצות מילה בני קטורה

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