This sugya will address how the Halacha perceives one who is asleep. Since one who is sleeping has limited awareness of his surroundings, it is possible that he would not be held responsible for his actions, or would be exempt from performing Mitzvos? This is a fascinating topic, as it is applicable in a wide range of scenarios.

Some examples:

Can one who is asleep be included in a minyan?

What is the halacha if one damages another's belongings while asleep?

Must one awaken his friend if he will miss Zman Krias Shema?

What should be done if a Kohen is sleeping and someone dies in the house?

This sugya comes up in Parshas Shelach, regarding the mitzvah of Tzitzis - and the minhag of the Arizal to wear Tzitzis even while asleep.

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Pages 69
Published 5782
Series V'yavinu B'Mikreh

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ישן בקיום המצוות

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