This sugya focuses on the least-discussed mitzvah of Purim - Mishteh V'Simcha.  We discuss if the obligation of Simcha requires one to wash for bread at a seudah, similar to the chiyuv on Shabbos and Yom Tov.  We also discuss the unique obligation to drink wine on Purim - is this part of the Purim Seudah, or is this a special independent obligation?  We discuss why there is mitzvah to get drunk and different opinions as to how one can fulfill this chiyuv.

Halachic ramifications include: eating Purim seudah on the first night, forgetting Al Hanisssim during Birchas Hamazon, getting married on Purim, the shiur of drinking, and more.

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Pages 46
Published 5782
Series V'yavinu B'mikreh

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משתה ושמחה בפורים

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