Discusses whether someone is required to pay compensation, should he cause damage in the course of festivities. We begin by discussing the status of a drunken person. We also discuss if there is a difference between monetary damage and physical damage. In addition, we discuss various sources from the Gemara and the poskim as to why one might be exempt from damages just because he is involved in Simcha. This discussion has many other ramifications as well, such as damaging property during a wedding, etc.

Included under this topic of "leniencies due to merry-making" are normally forbidden activities such as wearing women's clothing, grabbing food from others (i.e. stealing), Shatnez D'Rabbanan, etc.

For a general overview on the topic of Adam Hamazik and many of its Halachic ramifications, please click here 

Booklet Details
Pages 48
Published 5782
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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מזיק בפורים

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