This Brach Family Deluxe edition focuses on Shemitas Kesafim (cancellation of all personal loans over Shemitta) and the Pruzbul (a legal mechanism instituted by Hillel Hazaken that transfers the private loan into a loan made by Beis Din, which is not legally subject to the laws of the cancellation of debts on the shemitta year.

This sugya is split into 6 parts.

  1. Shemitas Ksafim today.
  2. The reasons Hillel Hazaken instituted the Pruzbul (thus circumventing Shemitas Kesafim).
  3. The mechanics (Lomdus) behind the Pruzbul and how it actually works.
  4. Understanding the prerequisite to own real estate.
  5. What type of Beis Din is required to draft a Pruzbul.
  6. When does one write the Pruzbul - Erev Shivi'is or Motzei Shivi'is?
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Pages 212
Published 5781
Series Shmittah

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שמיטת כספים-תקנת פרוזבול

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Tags: Choshen Mishpat, Monentary