Discusses the participation of a Yisroel in the baking process (i.e. lighting the fire, adding to the heat, etc.) and how this may affect the Pas Akum status.  In addition, we have included the halachic rulings of the Shulchan Aruch and later poskim in the general suyga of Pas Akum. We also included a special supplement entitled "aliba d'hilchasa" in which we bring down the halacha lmaaseh of Pas akum as brought down in Shulchan Arach, Aruch Hashulchsn, and Darchei Teshuvah. After gaining clarity in the sugya of Pas Akum we feel these pages of Halacha L'maaseh will be easy to understand, and will also serve as a great opportunity to retain all this information.


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Pages 60
Published 5781
Series Bein Yisroel L'Amim

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פת עכו''ם-כשישראל מסייע באפיה

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