Focusing primarily on the obligation of “Hallel and Hoda’ah" on Chanukah.  Included in this sugya is the mitzvah to commemorate the two miracles of Chanuka - the nes of the Menorah and the victory over the Yevanim.   What is the significance of these nissim as it pertains to the chiyuv of Hallel and Hoda’ah? We will also explore the special tefilah “Al Hanisim” in Tefillah and Birkas Hamazon Is it simply to mention the uniqueness of the day (similar to Yaaleh V’yavo on Rosh Chodesh), or does it fall into the category of the special chiyuv Hoda’ah on Chanukah?

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Pages 37
Published 5780
Series Chanuka 5780

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הודאה ושמחה בחנוכה

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