Continues to explore the issur of eating before performing a mitzva. Specifically discussing if this issur applies to snacks and drinks as well, or if it is only regarding a formal, sit-down meal. We will then discuss how these halachos apply to specific mitzvos, such as Megilah, Tekias Shofar, Maariv, Lulav, Chanuka, etc.,

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Pages 67
Published 5779
Series Mitzvos

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אכילה קודם קיום מצוה תשע''ט-שיטות הפוסקים להלכה

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אכילה קודם קיום מצוה תשע''ט

אכילה קודם קיום מצוה תשע''ט

Focusing on the issur of eating a meal before performing a Mitzvah.  This sugya has relevance c..

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