Modern Day Stumbling Blocks-What is Our Responsibility?

Sugya Preview-Real-Life Situations

Misleading the Consumer

Selling products that are potentially harmful to the public, even if not prohibited by secular law

Running misleading advertisement campaigns

Salespeople recommending items from which they receive higher commissions

Bait and switch advertising

Influencing a customer's decision through kickbacks or other deceitful tactics 

Facilitating Transgression

Allowing one's Jewish employee to work on Shabbos or Yom Tov


Investing in a Jewish-owned business that is open on Shabbos


Renting a store to a Jew who will be selling non-kosher food


Setting up payment processing for a Jewish-owned store that is open on Shabbos

Indirectly Causing Others To sin

Serving non-kosher food in one's assisted-living facility to Jewish residents, even if it is being done through a gentile employee


Selling advertising space on a billboard to a customer that will display inappropriate ads


Selling books or magazines that contains avodah zarah or inappropriate content


Reasonable Suspicion 

Selling or renting a car to a Jew that one suspects will drive on Shabbos


Assigning a work project to Jewish employee who will likely work on it over Shabbos 

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לפני עור לא תתן מכשול - להלכה - ירחי כלה

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