This sugya discusses the 3 parts that comprise the brachos each oleh makes on Krias Hatorah.

·         Why do we say Borchu?  (Does it need a minyan like the Borchu during davening?)

·         Why do we make a bracha before the Kriah, when the same bracha was already recited during Birchos Hashachar?

·         Why do we make a bracha after the performance of the mitzvah (something not done by any other mitzvah)?

We will also discuss the prevalent minhag of each oleh reciting his own brachos (before and after the kriah). In addition, we will discuss whether the oleh is fulfilling the tzibur's obligation by being motzei them with his bracha

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Pages 68
Published 5780
Series Krias Hatorah

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- קריאת התורה-ברכת התורה לעולה - ביאור הסוגיא

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