Discusses the topic of pledges to Tzedaka that one thinks about and intends to give, but does not actually verbalize his intent. Although in most instances a verbal declaration is required for an intention to be binding, we find that in Parshas Vayakhel, donations to the Mishkan are called Nediv Lev - which the Gemara darshans to mean even those donations that were thought about.

We discuss if this rule applies to Tzedaka as well. This concept applies to many real-life situations today, including when one thinks to give tzedaka during an appeal, a "Mi Shebeirach", or when one sets aside or intends to give money to a needy person during davening - but cannot find that person when davening is over.

In honor of Purim, we have included several marei m'komos discussing Purim-related tzedaka scenarios.

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Pages 77
Published 5782
Series V'yavinu B'Mikrah

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חיוב צדקה במחשבת הלב

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Tags: Purim, Matanos Levyonim, Vayovinu Bamikra