Focuses on the topic of Lechem Mishneh. The source of Lechem Mishneh is learned from the portion in Parshas B'Shalach about the Mann that fell on Erev Shabbos. We will explain how these pesukim are the source for Lechem Mishneh and how this affects the various opinions of the Rishonim.
Topics discussed include:
Do we cut both challos?
Is Lechem Mishneh a requirement for all three meals?
Lechem Misneh on Yomtov and at the Pesach Seder
Using frozen challah/rolls
The minhag in many communities for each person to make his own Hamotzi, even after the Lechem Mishneh has been cut.

Booklet Details
Pages 49
Published 5782
Series V'yavinu B'Mikreh

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חיוב לחם משנה

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