Discusses the Halachos regarding enunciating Hashem's name. We begin with the Passuk in Parshas Shemos that mentions the proper way of pronouncing the name of Hashem. We discuss the meaning behind this concept and if is similar to the Kri-Ksiv found throughout the Torah. We also discuss the proper kavana needed. Also discussed are the Halachos regarding saying Hashem's name by spelling out the letters of the name as it is written. (An example of this case is the custom by some to say L'Shem Yichud, in which the name of Hashem is recited by spelling it out.) Additionally, we discuss another Shem referenced in this Parsha - Eh'keh asher Eh'keh - and its halachic status.

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Pages 67
Published 5782
Series Vayovinu B'Mikrah

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'דיני הזכרת שם ה

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