History of the Yarchei Kallah

Yarchei Kallah and its Origins

In Talmudic times, Yarchei Kallah referred to the two months of the year (Elul and Adar) when agricultural activity was at a low, and former Yeshiva students from all over were able to return to their yeshivos to refresh and bolster their Torah knowledge, thus strengthening their ties to Yiddishkeit.  The word Kallah means assembly; Yarchei means month; hence the term refers to those months where they would assemble to study Torah.  At the end of the session, before returning home, Halachic questions were presented to and discussed by the Roshei Yeshiva (see Kesubos 106a).


In recent times, we have witnessed a revival of this ancient Talmudic custom as many former yeshiva talmidim utilize their vacation time to enrich their knowledge of Torah and bask in the light of Gedolei Yisroel.

Beth Medrash Govoha is proud to host its 5th Annual Yarchei Kallah - providing the perfect setting to totally engage oneself in Torah study, and ultimately to come away with practical applications of Halachic issues that arise in contemporary times, while basking in the light of today's Reishei Kallah.


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