Rabbi Sholem Y. Fishbane - CRC (Chicago) - Issur Sechorah B'Maachalos Asuros

Rabbi Sholem Y. Fishbane, Kashrus Administrator of the CRC, discusses the topic of Issur Sechorah B'Maachalos Asuros. 

Rabbi Fishbane presents actual questions in this area that are brought before the CRC, and discusses how they are addressed:

  • Selling Chametz on Amazon after Pesach
  • Being a Vendor in Chicago Cubs Baseball Stadium selling non Kosher Hot Dogs
  • Certifying a company that has a Kosher and non-Kosher Food division
  • Jewish Owned Nursing Home offering non-Kosher Food to patients
  • Investing in a public or private company that sells non-Kosher Food 
  • Hotel Pesach Programs where non-Jewish workers want to eat Chametz/non-Kosher