About Us

The Shivti Mission

Shivti was founded by Beth Medrash Govoha in 2014 to provide intensive learning opportunities outside the physical walls of the Yeshiva. The driving force behind the Shivti movement is not to simply learn, but to genuinely grow in learning.

The typical Shivti curriculum starts with in-depth Iyun and ends with Halacha L’maaseh’s practical applications, incorporating the quality and methodology that are the hallmarks of Beth Medrash Govoha. The weekly Shivti booklet features carefully curated content, clearly presenting exactly what the Sugya is, what will be learned, and which specific path is optimal to take through the Sugya. Shivti learning typically takes place within a chaburah setting, led by the local Rav, similar to the classic Yeshiva learning seder. The goal is to entirely engage the participants, so that they emerge each week with great clarity, both in the sometimes difficult lomdus and in the real world knowledge of Halacha and Minhag L’maaseh.

The Shivti Sugyos

The Shivti goal is to enable each person to realize the dream of acquiring a complete, in-depth understanding of every sugya in Shas. Sugyos cover the entire gamut of Torah - from complex business interactions to basic daily life, and everything in between.

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Shivti Chaburos

Shivti learning may take place on a weekend in a Shul, led by the local Rav, in an intensive “Seder”, similar to that which takes place in Yeshiva.  Or, it might consist of daily learning in a local Bais Medrash in a pre or post work day Seder.


A typical Chabura might learn the Sugya, for some 2 to 3 hours, followed by a Shiur given by the Rosh Chaburah at the end of the learning.  Or, it may be broken up into daily Sedorim, followed by a shiur at the end of the week.  Other Shivti learnings take place on special Shabbos and Yom Tov events, or at a Simcha, where the Baal H’Simcha wishes to ensure that his “weekend away” is not bereft of Torah.

How do I start a Chabura

Talk to your friends in shul or at work about the benefits of joining a national network of similarly minded individuals who want to dedicate time to learning Torah B’iyun.

What does Shivti provide to Chaburos?

Chaburos that participate in our flagship weekly program are entitled to many benefits and services:

  • Printed kuntresim are shipped weekly to chaburos
  • Each Chabura is listed on the back of the kuntres
  • The Rosh Chabura receives the sugya in advance
  • The Rosh Chabura can connect with the Shivti Chevrei Ma’areches via phone or email
  • Regular marketing and advertising materials to promote your chabura
  • Audio of shiur is uploaded to website and hotline

How much does it cost?

Chabura membership is $225.00 monthly. This entitles the chabura to the full benefits and up to 20 kuntresim weekly.

Are there other ways to join?

Individuals can purchase the weekly kuntresim here  in both printed or downloadable* formats.

*Downloads are for personal use only and may not be reprinted for others.


Each week’s kuntres* will be shipped to you for an annual fee of $400.00 via USPS. 

*The Yarchei Kallah and Yom Tov Editions are included in the annual subscription. 

To see see all chaburos across the USA, Canada and Australia, click here.  

Contact Us

Please call us at 732-367-1060 ext 4250 or email shivti@bmg.edu